Carton Clamps

Carton Clamps

Whether you’re handling consumer paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, wine packaged foods (canned or boxed), chemicals or plastics, Cascade clamps offer a solution. They’re durable enough for the toughest conditions, versatile and easy to service.

Carton Clamps Products

carton clamps

J-Series Carton Clamps

1200 kg - 2200 kg
carton clamps

J-Series White Goods (WG) Clamps

1030 kg - 1600 kg
carton clamps (1)

J-Series Appliance Clamps

800 kg - 1200 kg
carton clamps (2)

HFC - Hydraulic Force Control for Carton Clamps

Available for all Carton Clamp models
carton clamps (3)

Talon Pads

Replaceable, segmented pallet wear pads